PSCL provides education and marketing to analytical workforces across the world.

We believe in the power of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to drive innovation, competitiveness and future economic prosperity. Our vision is to run the Intellectual Olympics by 2025.


Competitions & Hackathons

Creating Champions

PSCL’s World Championships League
PSCL runs global competitions for over 20,000+ of the world’s best professionals and students in professional services in science, technology, engineering and maths. These include Financial Modeling, Big Data Analytics, Gamification & Loyalty, Actuarial, High IQ and 24-Hour Business Endurance World Championship events.

Private Hackathons
We run competitions and hackathons for Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises, including the Microsoft Azure Global University Series.


Training & Conferences

Elite Education

Training – Data, Analytics and STEM
From Fortune 500 to leading organizations, PSCL deliver end-to-end training and development programs across Finance, data and analytics for the best and brightest professionals. We work collaboratively with the world’s leading training providers, educators and real-world practitioners to help you lead and succeed.

High-calibre conferences for the international finance, data and analytics world, including the Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference and the Texata Summit for Big Data Analytics Leaders. Across the world, PSCL are renowned for delivering a technically excellent audiences and quality debates and insights.

Global Training Camps
We deliver large training programs across the world for emerging leaders in analytical and STEM workforces, including the ModelOff Global Training Camp for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis & Modeling and Corporate Finance.



Talent Management

Moving Talent

Hire Great Analytical Talent
We work with top Finance and Technology companies across the world to help them hire hundreds of rigorously pre-screened independent contractors, freelancers and elite professionals for projects, contract roles and secondments. PSCL helps in-house departments reduce fixed-cost talent investments or create diverse, flexible, workforce solutions. For Financial Modelers, Data Scientists, Process Mapping, Due Diligence, Big Data and more.

Talent Mobility
PSCL provides strategic advice to leading organizations around building analytical and STEM organizations, including:
– Talent Audit
– Talent Benchmarking
– Employee Development
– Succession Planning
– High-Potential
– Leadership

Talent Measurement
We help organizations assess talent with more precision using pre-and post-hire assessments of employees’ ability, potential, and skills. We write technical aptitude tests, assessment centres and graduate programs technical education. For Volume Recruiting, College Recruiting and more.

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